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WSUS Wizard

Started by mpotase, April 15, 2024, 01:00:18 PM

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Trying to run the WSUS "Modify Updates Wizard" to clean up Update ServicesPackages. however it just sits on Collecting Data. Currently this is running a WID Database. We are eventually Migrating to a new site which is running on SQL and that site has not issue loading the wizard. Is something needed to allow PMPC to read the WID DB?

secondary question why does PMPC download content for application updates when no Deployments have been made for the updates Autocad is consuming a lot of data in our Wsus\Updateservicespackages folder. 


Andrew Jimenez (Patch My PC)

The Modify Published Updates Wizard should work on a WID database with no changes, as it uses the WSUS commands to access the database. I am guessing that your database is quite large, which is causing the slowness (or even timeouts). I would recommend running the native WSUS cleanup routines (probably a few times) to see if that speeds things up.

The Publisher defaults to "Full Content" for updates so that they are immediately available to ConfigMgr for deployment. You can right-click updates in ConfigMgr and set them to "Metadata Only" to not bring in the content, however, if you need to deploy the update later, you will need to switch those products back to "Full Content" and run another Patch My PC Sync to make the content available for ConfigMgr to deploy.


It is helpful, thank you so much for the information.