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Modify Command Line

Started by uni_techie, April 16, 2024, 08:21:19 AM

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Fairly new to using patch my pc, other than in its out of the box setup to update and install applications.

I need to slightly alter one application, Docker for Windows

From what i can tell from the right click menu and selecting Package Details, see Screenshot 2024-04-16 151656.png

I am required to install docker at my company silently with the following command
Docker Desktop Installer.exe install --quiet --accept-license --backend=hyper-v
My query is using the modify command right click menu, is it as simple as just adding the lines--accept-license --backend=hyper-v as seen in Screenshot 2024-04-16 151800.png

Or would i need to include the entire command line of install --quiet --accept-license --backend=hyper-v
If this is the completely wrong place any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Dan Gough

Hi - the parameters you supply will be appended to the default parameters that we supply (install --quiet), so you just need to add:

--accept-license --backend=hyper-v