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updating software that does not need it

Started by rubinontheroad, December 31, 2014, 12:15:27 PM

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Folks please set me straight. I've used "Patch" for a long time and maybe, I've never used it correctly. PPC scans and nothing is out of date. Today, I guess PPC updated itself and I got a great new interface. I go over the new interface and check "what should be checked" all the programs that I have installed on my PC. PPC then tells me to download all those programs that are installed and up to date (18 of them) that are current, but PPC want to redownload them again. What am I doing wrong?

Also, trying to register for your forum, to ask this question, was a royal pain, (captcha) would never allow me to register with my browser of choice (Epic Privacy browser), finally when I used FF, it accepted the picture jig saw. Hey folks, everybody doesn't use IE, FF etc). I understand that you all don't want spam and have chosen a captcha setup to prevent spam. But, geez guys, the one you chose makes only the most persistent users, able to register. I went to "Captcha" to complain and of course, could not get passed their captchas to do that, how convenient. So I am complaining to you. If someone at that company wishes to contact me, please forward my contact info to them. Sorry to be a whiner, but geez! 

Hopefully you'll be able to steer me how to use or not use your app do that I'm not downloading stuff over and over. I checked, that you all can contact me by email, if that is a better way to help a newbi like me. Thanks S. Rubin   

Alex (Patch My PC)

If nothing is reported out of date, then that's what it is. Run Patch My PC after a week or so to check again. You do not need to manually enable programs on the left column for an update check. You only do that for programs you don't currently have, and want Patch My PC to install them for you automatically.


On 3 different machines (Windows 8.1 and 2 with Win 10 v10049) I keep showing Google Earth Pro- as outdated, when it is current. I tried preforming the up-date anyway but it keeps saying it's an old version. It is the only version on all 3 machines.
Any ideas?

Love the program btw.

Alex (Patch My PC)

Google Earth issue will be fixed soon.  :)