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Problem with duplicate application names in SCCM

Started by quertest, July 19, 2019, 11:48:00 AM

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Currently Patch My PC downloads several applications in different versions for some products. Due to the very helpful option to omit the version number in the application name for base installations, this causes a problem with several applications of the same name, which leads to problems with dynamic installations using task sequence variables (e.g. both Wireshark Version 2.6.10 and Wireshark Version 3.0.3 are each configured as "Wireshark (x64)").

It would be better if only one reference to a current version existed for each product selection in Patch My PC. For products like Wireshark, where for compatibility reasons both Wireshark 2 and Wireshark 3 should be provided, a separate configuration of the applications would be better (e.g. Wireshark 3 as "Wireshark" and Wireshark 2 as "Wireshark Old Stable Release").

Currently, Microsoft SQL Management Studio (Version 17.9.1 and Version 18.1) also offers a double release (with the newer version, however, "(x64)" is currently being added).

Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)

Thanks for reporting, we are planning to revise the update titles to workaround this for products who have multiple active major versions. We will probably name it something like Microsoft SQL Management Studio V17 17.9.1. so a new application for this scenario would look something like Microsoft SQL Management Studio v7 / Microsoft SQL Management Studio V18. How's that sound?


I think it makes a lot of sense. In this context, however, you should also discuss how to integrate different languages into the naming convention (if necessary). Microsoft SQL Management Studio offers separate downloads/installation packages for all languages (e.g. EN, DE,...).

Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)

Yeah, we will need to keep this in mind as we expand to more languages in the future.