Author Topic: [Request] Allow install of software on different directory for SSDs?  (Read 3283 times)

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Just thought I would add this request. I have a smallish side SSD on my laptop, so I try to install everything into the hd with more space. Is there any way in the future Patch My PC could allow us to install software on a different directory than the C drive?

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That would require Patch My PC to change all programs' default installation directories, so it's probably out of scope. Two possible workarounds:

1. Enable PMPC's "Disable silent installation..." option, so you can choose where to install each program. Less automated, but you can easily decide where to install each program.
2. Use Windows' Symbolic Links, to essentially redirect your Program Files folders to the SSD. This is an advanced, powerful feature so make sure you know what you are doing before using it.

You can handle/create Symbolic Links from a command prompt, or you can use a program for them like Link Shell Extension.