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Also, one item to note with running "C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools\WsusUtil.exe" listunreferencedpackagefolders.

because we are using fully qualified names to the network share for wsus content in my environment, the command splits a path into 2 lines (example below).  This in turn breaks it in your utility and displays no unreferenced packages (is my guess anyway).

Code: [Select]
The following folders are not referenced by any of the updates in your

Yes, That is exactly what I needed Justin.  Excellent video tutorial on how WSUS works and how to do the cleanup.

Thanks much!

Continuing this issue as I never really resolved it.  To me, it looks like old updates are never going away even after they are declined/superseded.  In the below screenshot, you will see an example.  Adobe Acrobat DC Updates for 15.006.30xxx and 17.011.301xx.  All of these updates are superseded and declined.  When I check the .\WSUSContent\UpdateServicesPackages\GUID for each of the content IDs/GUIDs, the content still exists for each of them.  I have run the cleanup wizard multiple multiple times.  Should this content be remaining?  My WSUSContent has grown to almost 300 GB in the last year because of this and continues to grow.  What supported house cleaning can be done to get rid of these superseded, declined updates and content?

Yes, you have the delete option.  But, it carries a warning about "Hash issues" and doesn't seem to be made for what I am experiencing.  please provide guidance.

In advanced, "Show unreferenced WSUS folders" collects data for a minute and then returns no entries.

Running "C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools\WsusUtil.exe" listunreferencedpackagefolders returns about 200 folders worth about 15GB.

Running the "Modify Updates Wizard" produces 961 updates.  Of these, 658 are declined.  On the declined updates, the option to "Delete" is always grayed out no matter which or how many I select.

Spot checking these, all these declined updates have guid content folders in the WSUSContent\UpdateServicesPackages.
Example Declined Updates that Remain (with content):
* Apple iTunes (x64)
* Apple iTunes (x86)
* Apple iTunes (x64)
* Apple iTunes (x86)
* Apple iTunes (x64)
* Apple iTunes (x86)
* Apple iTunes (x64)
* Apple iTunes (x86)

WSUS cleanup wizard ran again today (all boxes checked), recovered less than 1 GB.

While i have no doubt that deduplication will help, to me, it is not a fix to the housecleaning issue.

I have noticed that my WSUSContent is growing like crazy and is not cleaning out Declined updates.  Is there a maintenance process, other than the WSUS cleanup wizard, that I should be running to clean these files up?  We have over 200GB of files in the WSUSContent.  Doesn't seem quite right.  Does all that content need to stick around?

Looked like the ACCEPT_EULA=1 didn't always produce the desired results for us.  Cisco Teams is not a very ConfigMgr friendly app....

Instead, we used HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\CiscoCollabHost\Eula Setting = eula-disabled
This also produced some strange issues with installation as the system account and Teams launching in the background as system.  Don't expect you to do anything about this.  Just sharing our experiences.

Oh that's right!  I forgot about being able to modify there.  Thanks Justin!

Could the ACCEPT_EULA=1 MSI property be added to the Cisco teams installer command line?  Currently, all installs prompt for the EULA.  Would be nice to be able to suppress that.


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