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Have you possibly found a way to adjust the proxy timeout? 

The problem also affects other applications (such as Adobe Acrobat DC). By the way, it is currently not 40 seconds to the timeout as I wrote before, but 1 minute and 40 seconds.
Enterprise Plus Preview

I am currently testing the preview version regarding deployment applications. Some of the applications I tested are not detected after successful installation, e.g:

  • Allway Sync (x64)
  • Microsoft SQL Management Studio (x64)
  • Opera (x64)
In all cases "PatchMyPC- SoftwareDetectionScript.log" says "No detection for..." despite successful installation. Are there still known basic restrictions regarding the preview version or does it make sense to report the problems of the individual applications?
I think it makes a lot of sense. In this context, however, you should also discuss how to integrate different languages into the naming convention (if necessary). Microsoft SQL Management Studio offers separate downloads/installation packages for all languages (e.g. EN, DE,...).
Currently Patch My PC downloads several applications in different versions for some products. Due to the very helpful option to omit the version number in the application name for base installations, this causes a problem with several applications of the same name, which leads to problems with dynamic installations using task sequence variables (e.g. both Wireshark Version 2.6.10 and Wireshark Version 3.0.3 are each configured as "Wireshark (x64)").

It would be better if only one reference to a current version existed for each product selection in Patch My PC. For products like Wireshark, where for compatibility reasons both Wireshark 2 and Wireshark 3 should be provided, a separate configuration of the applications would be better (e.g. Wireshark 3 as "Wireshark" and Wireshark 2 as "Wireshark Old Stable Release").

Currently, Microsoft SQL Management Studio (Version 17.9.1 and Version 18.1) also offers a double release (with the newer version, however, "(x64)" is currently being added).
Our firewall scans all downloads before forwarding. For this reason, the proxy temporarily sends only very small data packets until the virus scan is completed. Currently, however, Patch My PC cancels the download after only 40 seconds ("An error occurred while downloading the file:  The operation has timed out"). This is too small for larger downloads like LibreOffice.

Is it possible to configure the (proxy) timeout for downloading applications?
That was the cause. The source directory still existed. Thanks for the fast support!
Enterprise Plus preview version

Due to installation problems with Google Chrome (x64) I deleted the application created by Patch My PC from our SCCM. Unfortunately it will not be rebuilt automatically. I already deactivated and reactivated the product several times.

It would be nice, if there would be a function "Republish Application(s)/Package(s) for these product(s) during next sync schedule" like in the updates rules.