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Messages - Jacques Guillory

You should not need to republish as it's just a metadata revision, as long as you refresh the publishing service settings (check/uncheck something and hit apply) before running another sync.  The patchmypc.log should say 1 update was revised after the sync is complete.
It should be fixed now.  Please make sure to close and reopen the publishing service, uncheck and recheck git in the updates tab, and click apply.  This will ensure that the publishing service will get the latest catalog revision.  After that, run a publishing service sync.
We will add this process to Git's catalog entry.
Can you provide more details? Which content library are you referring to? WSUS or SCCM?
I'm also seeing another common error in the WUAHandler log.  0x800b0109.

Please see the following KB article addressing this error, and let us know if this solves your issue.

From the UpdatesDeployment.log:

"GetUpdate - failed to get targeted update, error = 0x87d00215"

Upon doing an error lookup:
"Item not found

Source: System Center Configuration Manager

Any chance that there is an antivirus running on these machines? It could be quarantining a certain file leading to that "Item no found" error.
For troubleshooting update installations, can you please send the following client logs?

%WinDir%\CCM\Logs\PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner.log (If exist)
If you cannot access timestamp.digicert.com, you probably have a proxy or web filter blocking it.  Access to that URL is required to publish updates.
Because Java is licensed now, we need to have an official public mirror for the installer.  We were able to find one for 221 but it could be a while before we find one for 231.
Are you using our publishing service or SCCM in-console publishing or SCUP to publish updates? 

Here is a KB article on removing previous versions of Java.  Our publishing service now actually has a default script built in that will remove old versions, so this article is a little bit out of date, but it is the same idea.

We cannot repro this using our lab. Can you check to see if a webfilter or firewall is blocking traffic to patchmypc.com
Yes. We have an overview of relevant logs for support.  The main ones from our end are PatchMyPC.log, PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner.log, and PatchMyPC-SoftwareDetectionScript.log   

Collecting Log Files for Support - https://patchmypc.com/faq-scup-catalog#log-files

Apparently, Sublime does not include a file version in their files anymore, making it impossible for us to use our detection methods for updates. 

I brought this issue up with the Sublime team a couple of weeks ago(https://forum.sublimetext.com/t/version-number-no-longer-in-files-or-registry/45733/3).  Hopefully, they will include the file version attribute in future updates.