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Looks like waiting for WSUS to "bake in" resolved this issue on itself. Just in case anybody will have this problem in the future.

Hi all,

I am trying to publish latest version of Java8.60. x86 version Publishes with no problem, but x64 errors out. Here is the log. Any ideas?

WizardBase: closing Publish Software Updates Wizard wizard.$$<Updates Publisher><Wed Aug 19 9:45:41.768 2015.1><thread=1>
Updates workspace: publish wizard completed.$$<Updates Publisher><Wed Aug 19 9:45:42.584 2015.1><thread=1>
Updates workspace: Starting publish wizard with 1 updates.$$<Updates Publisher><Wed Aug 19 9:46:39.499 2015.1><thread=1>
    Publish: Preparing list of selected updates for publishing.$$<Updates Publisher><Wed Aug 19 9:46:43.254 2015.8><thread=8>
    Connecting to a local update server with locally detected settings.$$<Updates Publisher><Wed Aug 19 9:46:43.287 2015.8><thread=8>
    Publish: Update server name: CWSSCUP$$<Updates Publisher><Wed Aug 19 9:46:43.377 2015.8><thread=8>
    Publish: Publish operation starting for 1 updates.$$<Updates Publisher><Wed Aug 19 9:46:43.397 2015.8><thread=8>
    Publish: Publish: Verifying update server is configured with a certificate prior to publishing.$$<Updates Publisher><Wed Aug 19 9:46:43.416 2015.8><thread=8>
    Publish: Publish: Update server appears to be configured with a certificate.$$<Updates Publisher><Wed Aug 19 9:46:43.496 2015.8><thread=8>
    Building dependency graph for update 'Oracle Java 8 Update 60 (x64) (UpdateId:'015d3da4-22ac-4629-89bd-1c6d5364b2dd' Vendor:'Oracle' Product:'Java')'$$<Updates Publisher><Wed Aug 19 9:46:43.632 2015.8><thread=8>
    Update 'Oracle Java 8 Update 60 (x64) (UpdateId:'015d3da4-22ac-4629-89bd-1c6d5364b2dd' Vendor:'Oracle' Product:'Java')' has direct dependency on 1 other items.$$<Updates Publisher><Wed Aug 19 9:46:43.740 2015.8><thread=8>
            Evaluating dependency on item '59653007-e2e9-4f71-8525-2ff588527978'...$$<Updates Publisher><Wed Aug 19 9:46:43.761 2015.8><thread=8>
            Update with id '59653007-e2e9-4f71-8525-2ff588527978' was not found in the database, unable to fully evaluate it and it's dependencies.$$<Updates Publisher><Wed Aug 19 9:46:43.807 2015.8><thread=8>
Found total of 1 dependencies (may include duplicates).$$<Updates Publisher><Wed Aug 19 9:46:43.826 2015.8><thread=8>
1 dependencies were not found in scup database during dependency evaluation for update 'Oracle Java 8 Update 60 (x64) (UpdateId:'015d3da4-22ac-4629-89bd-1c6d5364b2dd' Vendor:'Oracle' Product:'Java')'$$<Updates Publisher><Wed Aug 19 9:46:43.846 2015.8><thread=8>
PublishItem: Update 'Oracle Java 8 Update 60 (x64) (UpdateId:'015d3da4-22ac-4629-89bd-1c6d5364b2dd' Vendor:'Oracle' Product:'Java')' cannot be published as its dependency '59653007-e2e9-4f71-8525-2ff588527978' does not exist in both the updates publisher database and in WSUS.$$<Updates Publisher><Wed Aug 19 9:46:43.943 2015.8><thread=8>
PublishProgress: Publish operation completed.$$<Updates Publisher><Wed Aug 19 9:46:43.967 2015.8><thread=8>
Publish: Background processing completed.$$<Updates Publisher><Wed Aug 19 9:46:43.993 2015.1><thread=1>

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