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General Questions (Free Home Updater) / Re: Belarc
July 15, 2022, 04:49:36 AM
We don't have products from Belarc in the software list

Hey there :)

We already have the option to customize any color you want for the two status :)
It's these two in options tab, I hope this helps :)

Actually there is a new update for FortiClient VPN "7.0.6", which will be added in today's catalog update.
Are you both using Windows 11 ?
I never said Microsoft Edge updates through Windows Updates, it updates itself all the time in the background, and if it's not then it will auto update once you run it.
We have the other browsers because they are not bundled with Windows and people need to install them.
We removed OneDrive and currently are working to remove .Net Framework for the same exact reason! Plus updating Microsoft products from Patch My PC or even manually causes some issues with some users.
Microsoft Edge is bundled with Windows 10 & Windows 11 and it auto update itself.
Thank you for the tip! Will make sure to add this with the next update of Patch My PC soon!
This is weird! We will look into this
General Questions (Free Home Updater) / Re: Firefox
June 28, 2022, 04:48:38 PM
We used it update it once it hit the ftp site, but lately we decided to update it when releases officially, it's usually the next day anyway.
We already have this update since it was released!
There is a new update for it in today's catalog update v2.7.11 which will solve this hash mismatch :)
Quote from: StPendl on June 24, 2022, 09:49:06 AM
PMPC is only supporting the 32-bit release of Adobe Reader, but Adobe Reader is updating itself to the 64-bit release on 64-bit Windows.

That's true! But that's also because there are no download URL for the x64 of Adobe Reader !
Hopefully they will publish it officially soon!
The original site downloads from Github, because Github is the only official download location.
You are welcome :)
12.06.2022 18:44:53 - Download only mode enabled skipping install

Download only mode is enabled, can you disable it and try again?