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Vendor - RealVNC Ltd
Name - RealVNC Server
Latest Version - 6.7.4

The source installer type for RealVNC is an executable (EXE)

But the EXE spawns an MSI install, noted by the ProductCode created for the product and its Uninstall string

In the detection method used by the Publisher, the
$InstallerType = 'EXE'
causes the detection to fail, even though the app actually installs
When PatchMyPC updates (auto or manual), any shortcuts created on the TaskBar have their icon broken. For the life of me, I can't figure out why; the target file path remains the same.

Thank you, Jacques. The preview is looking good; re-enabled apps were preserved after re-opening the Publisher and a sync looks to have processed those settings properly.
Publisher version

Steps to reproduce:
Right-click any Vendor in the tree and "Exclude from being enabled during SCCM inventory scans"
Apply settings
Close Publisher
Re-Open Publisher
Select App underneath the above-disabled Vendor tree
Right-click App, uncheck "Exclude from being enabled during SCCM inventory scans"
Check box next to App to enable
OK to close Publisher
Re-open Publisher
Find App
App is not enabled and the "Exclude from being enabled during SCCM inventory scans" box is still checked.

Please see this GIF of steps captured https://gfycat.com/untimelysprycaudata