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Hi there

Noticed that a Tenable issue with Adobe DC < 20.013.20074 was appearing on our network from that checked
1) PMP Logs (PatchMyPC.log), it shows that Adobe was seeing the update v20074 and my reading of this had updated the DB to that level, a manual update skips over Adobe
    - "Processing update 58/144 (Adobe Acrobat DC Update 20.013.20074)"
2) SCCM Application Manager shows ConfigMan still sitting at v20064, (See image)

I have run a manual update to recheck and it skips over the update of Adobe as I believe PMP believes it is at that level.
We run a one day delay to load to ConfigMan, but the v20074 update hit on the 12/9/2020 (

Really did not was to delete applications, I did this when I first loaded and created a lot of work for myself.

Any quick fixes for this?



Hi all

I have need to skip updates of Java on just certain devices.

At first, was going to just put the required devices into a device collections but with the Java updates being pushed via ADR this creates a manual overhead I don't want.

So was thinking that putting a file on the C:\ drive i.e. "$DO_NOT_UPDATE_JAVA.MARKER", if the update finds this file skip update.

If I create a PS script and place it into the pre-update script section what logic would I need to skip the update fully as I gather just an "if found exit" logic would just exit the current script not the actual update that is run in another script?

Hope this makes sense .. :-/



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