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You can export your settings from the advanced section however I'm guessing you'd like some more fine tune controls around that? You'll want to submit it as a request on our ideas page found here:

Would you be able to send the following logs from that client device to [email protected]?


Generally you shouldn't need to keep them, we do recommended using the retain functionality for Applications though with a setting of at least 1.
That way in the event an application doesn't work within your environment you'll have the previous version available to roll back to.

You got on the right track with the option to disable the self updater.

Sadly we can't publish older apps as our catalog only has the latest revisions of the applications.

As it stands today there is not a way to do the export on a schedule. We do have a similar idea on our ideas page I'd suggest giving it a few votes.

This should be in your catalog during the next regularly scheduled sync.

We will look at adding this soon! Thank you!

Would you be able to send the following logs to [email protected] ?

%WinDir%\CCM\Logs\PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner.log (If exist)

Use the uninstall intent. Both will work but install will show as an error.

You could run a basic batch or PowerShell script to set the ACL on the plugin folder:

For info on how to add this you'd want to check out the following KB article Which actually covers a very similar scenario.

We currently only have one download location per app, in cases like this we generally recommend using the local content path option. More info can be found via this

Essentially you can manually download the file and place it in the repository and have the publisher look at the repository before it attempts to download. This obviously isn't ideal long term.

We will reach out to the vendor and see if they have plans on rectifying the certificate error.

Do you know what file caused this scan to alert you?

If the main install fails yes it will not run!

A pre-script will not run if the core installation fails.

In regards to a prescript to kill the processes you can actually use our right click options for manage conflicting processes. This will let you target apps to close, more info can be found here:

You can also use this KB to get more info on the pre/post script options:

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