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Audacity and Firefox usually show up red. PatchMyPC is reporting old, incorrect version numbers. For example, Patch shows my Audacity as 2.1.2, when in fact I have Audacity 3.0.2. Patch doesn't count these in the Apps To Install and it doesn't try to update them. It does give me extra work to check the versions of these apps in the apps themselves to make sure they're up to date. It only started doing this the last few months. It used to work fine.

When I run PatchMy PC, I get "The app you're trying to install isn't a Microsoft-verified app". I have to "install" it every time. Yes, I do have my setting for Choose where to get apps set to "Anywhere, but warn me before installing an app that's not from the Microsoft Store." I've been using PatchMyPC for a couple years now, and it's only the last few months it started doing this.

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