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Various software

Started by pps, August 20, 2022, 10:16:06 AM

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Hi Patch My PC team,

There are also packages for which my anti-virus Avira reports as being oudated while PatchMyPC detects the same and judges them as being up to date:
    iTunes  - while Avira recommends
Are you using different reference locations of the current versions? Why do they differ? Are updates here global region specifiv like with the Android OS?
Avira_C++all outdated software.png

Avira also detects apps which PatchMyPC does not seem to know, but Programs and Features shows them (well Intel unclear, and Teams a stub only)
    Apple Mobile Device Support
    Box Sync
    Intel Corporation - Display - 10/17/2017 12:00:00 AM -  (no clue what that is, for all Intel stuff installed see the snapshot)
    Microsoft Edge
    Microsoft Teams  (is actually only installed as a stub that will be completed when logging in with an O365 account - The link in the Start Menu > Programs > Microsift Teams points to C:\ProgramData\ps\Microsoft\Teams\Update.exe --processStart "Teams.exe" - I don't think the stub requires regular patching)
Why don't you detect and update Apple Mobile Device Support, Box Sync, and Edge?
Programs+features_Apple Mobile Device Support.png
Programs+features_Box Sync.png
Programs+features_all Intel stuff.png
Programs+features_Microsoft Edge.png
Teams link points to Update.exe.png

There is a package which Avira detects and judges to be current while also Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features shows them installed, but PatchMyPC does not detect them and instead offers installing them as if they were not yet installed
Why don't you detect FileZilla? Something setup weird on my PC?

There is software shown as green in the right pane of PatchMyPC, but as black in the left pane - while showing in Programs and Features
    CCleaner 6.02
Why that?

Finally, TreeSize Free is not shown at Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features and maybe this is the reason why also PatchMyPC does not detect it, although it is installed
    TreeSize Free
What is wrong here?
Program Files (x86) _ JAM Software _ TreeSize Free.png
PatchMyPC_TreeSize Free.png

Thanks again