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Install Complete Exit Code 2

Started by [email protected], March 20, 2023, 03:09:57 AM

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[email protected]

I have used Patch My PC for several years. Yesterday it failed to install any of the 5 updates found. The first CCLEANER just hung for 20 minutes (normally installs very quickly). I I tried to exit and received message Install complete exit code 2 .. I have no idea what this means CCLEANER wasn't updated, Patch went to install next update Discord and that hung.

The only recent change of any worth I have made to my Windows 10 Home PC is to try out NORDVPN Meshnet and I wonder if this is in any way blocking Patch.

I have re-installed Patch still same problem. Currently uninstalled NordVPN (have to check whether MESHNET has also been uninstalled). Patch still same problem. NORDVPN may of course have nothing to do with it. Can anybody advise if there is something else I should be doing. Patch is more important to me than the NORDVPN / Meshnet.

Thanks for any help