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Hi, i create a new topic. The last one have been blocked since few days for no reasons...

Since few month we use PMPC, we encounter post installation errors when pushing Adobe Acrobat Reader DC when Adobe Acrobat Pro is already installed.
Our users have the possibility to use Adobe Creative Cloud to manage themself Adobe products related to there licences.
Not all our users have/need an Adobe licence so we require to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on our devices.

In case a user install Adobe Acrobat Pro via Adobe Creative Cloud, the Adobe Acrobat DC requirement stay active and didn't detect te presence of Acrobat Pro.
I joined a screen capture of PMPC app side-by-side with a computer in this case.

I think is just the detection script to update to cover this case.

Thanks for your fix,
We are questioning about your process for the verification of packages.
With the last update of the package Adobe Reader DC 22.003.20258, Adobe changes informations writen in registry and your detection script are based on theses informations. (https://patchmypc.com/forum/index.php?topic=6150.0)

Of course, the origin of the problem isn't on your side but you have pushed this update without testing it and we need to fix the resulting problems.
We pay few throusends dollars for your services and visibly, you didn't make correctly your job.

  • Why this/these package(s) haven't tested ?
  • Can you be more transparent about your packaging and testing process?