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PMPC - Portal Question - Removed Uploaded Files?

Started by shaun.silli, July 09, 2024, 01:55:44 AM

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Hi All -

Big Fan of the product, First time posting!
Hope I'm posting in the right place.

I've recently started moving the enabled apps from the PMPC Server App to the SaaS Platform portal.patchmypc.com

I'm uploading the TeamViewer Host 15 files for Latest - and Mistaken uploaded the incorrect file
Well it was the correct .msi file, but it wasn't the custom .msi file with company bandings.
Now I'm not able to remove or delete the uploaded file to upload the company branded teamviewer .msi file.
Also with all the files uploaded [.exe 32 & 64bit] along with [.msi 32 & 64bit] file and I'm still not able to select the deploy file.

Also loosely related, I remember something mentioned on the youtube webinar recently that the 'latest' option should bring all versions on our fleet of devices, to the same type (IE .msi install)


Andrew Jimenez (Patch My PC)

Hi Shaun,

If you had uploaded a customized MSI, Patch My PC would not have accepted that file, as we require the filehash to match what is in our database. This ensures that you are not uploading a binary that may have been modified maliciously.

The latest will update any older versions (of the same installer type and architecture) to the latest version. It will not replace an exe with an MSI installation, though that is a feature we plan on adding to the portal in the future.


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

I did check the file hash on all files - 32bit/64bit Custom vs Original TeamViewer MSI files and the still do match - I'm using the TeamViewer Portal Design Editor to make the changes which is probably why the hash doesn't change? - admittedly I don't know much about the file hashes and how it works.

But in the PMPC Portal, I was able to upload the Custom TeamViewer 32bit MSI okay with no errors - but just selected the wrong MSI when uploading the 64bit MSI

I am assuming since we can upload the correct file and all other files will fail to upload, that a delete or remove/reupload functionality was never required and not built into the platform... would I just need to wait for TeamViewer update the version to get another shot at it?

**Attached is a screenshot of the hashes for each file and also a screenshot of the TeamViewer Portal which I used to customize the design with company branding.

Dan Gough

The catalog apps will only work with files that match the hashes:

Product: TeamViewer Latest (MSI-x64)
URL: https://dl.teamviewer.com/download/version_15x/TeamViewer_MSI64.zip
FileName: TeamViewer_Full.msi
SHA1: 5f71b9fbd1a0f22e4ec1df9bcf037f263bd0cd1f
SHA256: 25ea46e19981a7e3dad88dd8d2c9a5f245f9a056239521dd656e708641711e7a

Product: TeamViewer Latest (MSI-x86)
URL: https://dl.teamviewer.com/download/version_15x/TeamViewer_MSI32.zip
FileName: TeamViewer_Full.msi
SHA1: 0c2f9bfb025a00919a980b5d7f84064f6b8f5026
SHA256: e438e4345a9656bd19bc1893a2689c66543c1dbbb5d550c1815a70b252292641

If you are customising the MSI in the portal, then does it supply you with a self-contained MSI, or an MST file? I cannot test myself without the appropriate license.

If it generates you a custom MSI, with a new hash value, then your only option would be to deploy this via Custom Apps. You would then have to manually upload each new version however.

If it generates an MST, or some other config file that can be placed next to the same base MSI - then this could be added along with a custom command line to the base catalog app. However this feature is only currently supported in the Patch My PC Publisher and is not yet available in the new cloud portal.