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Split Zoom for ZoomGov client version differences

Started by kfason, July 03, 2024, 01:17:50 PM

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Recently Zoom Workspace was updated to 6.1.0 via PMPC. I put in a ticket with Zoom around an issue that turned out to be the newer client as the cause due to non-support in Zoom for Government. ZoomGov is slower to adopt features. For those on ZoomGov, the latest supported version is still 6.0.11. 

I would propose that Zoom be split into commercial (zoom.us) and Zoom for Government (zoomgov.com) as they are different products as they have different client versioning. You can see that at the two download sites below:


The Zoom Plugins for Outlook and Notes are the same but may be worth splitting those as well?


Spencer (Patch My PC)

Hey Kfason,

Thanks for reaching out on the Forum!

We have received multiple requests to split zoom into two products entries. However, both versions of the product rely on the same registry entries and files, so detection would be the same for both versions.

We do have this UserVoice Item requesting this if you would like to up-vote it for tracking:

We're always looking for ways to improve detection and delivery of our products. So, if something changes on our end, we'll update that UserVoice item to inform everyone that it's now been split.