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Update that requires manually download still publishing?

Started by OwainE, June 17, 2024, 06:24:35 PM

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I'm trying to understand this a bit better and i may have missed something in the docs but I've been doing some test deployments for updates that require a manual download in Intune. Specifically TeamViewer. I get the email saying a manual download is required after publishing but the update is still uploaded to Intune and pushed to the global assignments.

I guess my question is, what has actually been uploaded? and wont this fail automatically when it hits a device?

Pete (Patch My PC)

Hi Owaine,

If the correct file was placed in your local content repository then it would create the app/update for your Intune tenant.

To confirm can you please attach your patchmypc.log file or if it's easier email us at [email protected]


Hi Pete,

My apologies, i just realized there's an EXE version and an MSI version. The MSI version requires a manual download and the EXE version does not.