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VLC Media Player 3.0.21 (MSI-x64)?

Started by iamr00t, June 17, 2024, 06:52:31 AM

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We are updating VLC for EXE x86, EXE x64. and MSI x64. I am seeing that this new release 3.0.21 does not seem to have a version for MSI x64. Is that per the developer or something we need make plans for? We have 1275 on EXE x64 but we also have 972 on MSI x64, so we will need to work through migrating them all to EXE x64 if this new version will not be updated any longer. Please let us know.

Dan Gough

We are monitoring their site for a new MSI:

Here is a thread on the vendor forum about it that is now locked:

Their MSI was problematic due to being compiled on Linux rather than Windows, so they may have run into some build issues:

If we decide to pull this from our catalog, we can add a pre-script to the EXE release to remove the MSI version.