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First installation

Started by Dominique, December 03, 2021, 11:39:42 AM

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I am about to install "PatchMyPC" in our environment but I have some questions:
I read

Does the product needs to be install ONLY on the main Software Update Point Servers?

Does the product needs to be installed on all Software Update Point Servers?

Any specifics recommendations from users already having the product installed and using it?
1 Quad Core - 1 8 Cores
RAM 1 64 GB - 1 32 GB
Space I have 100 GB on both SUs
Could it be on the same server as SCUP? Do I need to remove SCUP?

In our environment we have
1 Primary Server
1 SQL Server
1 Management Server
1 Software Update Point Downloading SU
1 Software Update Point
1 Cloud Management Server
1 Reporting Service Server
12 Distribution Points


Wes Mitchell

Hi Dom
  Yes you only install the publisher on the server that has the Software Update Point role and that is the top level server, you can find this from connecting to powershell from your CM admin console and running this ((Get-CMSoftwareUpdatePointComponent).Props | Where-Object PropertyName -eq "DefaultWSUS").Value2


Thanks this is the main SU Server
Any conflict with SCUP?


Wes Mitchell

No Conflict, if you need us during the setup email us from https://patchmypc.com/technical-support and we can assist.


I will try to convict the management that we need assistance.
When having SCUP and PatchMyPC on the same Software Update Point what is recommended:
1. Having two disk separated?
2. All on the same disk sharing third party softwares sources?

Thanks a lot