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As we have multiple (4) groups in our environment some are using PatchMyPC some are using SCUP (cost saving) ... this has created duplicated records and as is duplicated space of storage for the storage as well...
What is your advice about this as this is creating double/duplicated records in Software Updates list for the same patch(es):

Should I keep both set of records? Is it possible to get only one record?


I noticed that only one user could open PatchMyPC at a time, this is really binding.
We have 3 server groups and 3 desktops groups at least which need to use PatchMyPC as not always using the same softwares...
Any idea how this could be done?


I am about to install "PatchMyPC" in our environment but I have some questions:
I read

Does the product needs to be install ONLY on the main Software Update Point Servers?

Does the product needs to be installed on all Software Update Point Servers?

Any specifics recommendations from users already having the product installed and using it?
1 Quad Core - 1 8 Cores
RAM 1 64 GB - 1 32 GB
Space I have 100 GB on both SUs
Could it be on the same server as SCUP? Do I need to remove SCUP?

In our environment we have
1 Primary Server
1 SQL Server
1 Management Server
1 Software Update Point Downloading SU
1 Software Update Point
1 Cloud Management Server
1 Reporting Service Server
12 Distribution Points