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Pulse Secure & Ivanti Secure Access

Started by JImmy_O, December 21, 2022, 04:56:15 AM

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For some reason the check for updates for Pulse Secure is unchecked for us, and update failed for Ivanti Secure Access.
Ivanti is also unchecked for us since we "had" Pulse Secure checked.

I know Ivanti bought Pulse secure for some years ago.

How come they are both unchecked, and we recive notifications that they failed?

Intune Update Updating Failed: Ivanti Secure Access Client 22.2.1295 (x64)

Can you put some clarity in this please?


It´s presented as a new app in Intune also even if it´s unchecked??

Adam Cook (Patch My PC)

Hey JImmy_O,

As you say Ivanti did rebrand the Pulse Connect Secure client to Ivanti Secure Access. In the latest update of the Publisher,, Ivanti Secure Access x64 should have actually been checked for you if you have Pulse Connect Secure x64 checked.

It sounds like you're reporting none of them are checked, but you're still seeing alerts about the Publisher trying to publish them? If so, that sounds weird. May you click 'Collect logs' in the General tab and share them via https://patchmypc.com/share? This will help me piece together a bit better what's going on.


Hi, yes both are unchecked.

The logs are uploaded as we speak.

Adam Cook (Patch My PC)

Thanks for sharing those.

What you've experienced is bug and we have started an effort to identify and notify impacted customers.

In order to resolve, you should check the box to enable Ivanti Secure Access (x64) in the product list and this should resolve the issue. After doing this, may you collect logs again and reshare? I want to be sure.


The box is now checked and the logs are uploaded :)

Adam Cook (Patch My PC)

Looks good! You should not experience any more adverse reactions regarding this, however please do let us know if there's more we can do.


Will do :)
Thx for your support

Merry Christmas  :)