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.NET Core Hosting Bundle does not update .NET Core or .NET.

.NET Core and .NET updates are not in our catalogue. Microsoft provides runtime and SDK updates for these via Microsoft Update and WSUS.

Kindly see this article for more info:


That product in our catalogue updates the ".NET Core Hosting Bundle" - more information about that Microsoft product here:

Specifically, it's looking for a registry key under the below paths, where the DisplayName matches the following name "Microsoft ASP.NET Core X%Shared Framework%" where X is the major version number e.g. 3, 5, or 6.


It's possible this product is not the product you want or need to patch. What do you see in Defender ATP? Does it indicate any finer details eg registry keys/values it wants/expects? That should confidentially tell us exactly what product the issue is with.


This is very typical for Adobe Reader and we see this a lot. A detailed analysis of the problem can be understood from this KB - it also contains guidance on how to resolve:

This is documented as a known issue on Adobe's website:

Ultimately this is a software vendor issue, or an issue on your devices causing C:\Windows\installer to be cleaned out (see article for more information). This is not caused or related to our catalogue or Publishing software.

Does it work if you disable all third party plugins or perhaps try in private browsing mode in Chrome?

Hey, is this still an issue for you now? I've tried from multiple different types of systems in different regions and the form loads OK for me.


Thanks for raising this. I'm following up to let you know we're aren't ignoring you - this has sparked a discussion internally about how to update this item in our catalogue and also be prepared for this happening again in the future when a new major version of the redistributables are released by Microsoft. We hope to follow up again soon with a solution.


Roll back is not a function native to the Home Updater. To roll back a version, uninstall the current version, find the installer for the last known good verison, and reinstall.

Hey Giav

No the only way would be to create exclusions in your collections and potentially create a separate ADR as you need to tightly control application version of Java by the sounds of things.

No, nothing has changed. %windows%\softwaredistribution\download\install this is a default install location of the Windows Update Agent and always has been for software updates for a very long time.

The software update content is copied from ccmcache to %windows%\softwaredistribution\download\install at the time of install. You'll see murmurings of this in WindowsUpdate.log (generated via PowerShell function) about it copying the files around, verifying hash etc.

Hello, I have been asked to make available the .net Core SDK packages however I cannot find them in the Catalog.  When I look at user voice it says these were released.  Have I missed these being dropped or is there something else going on here?


Hello, they were in our catalogue but were removed because Microsoft now supply updates for them via WSUS. We noted this in our end of life page and you'll also notice the product is no longer listed in our supported products listing.

I'm old enough to be able to say that I can't tell you how many hundreds of times I've been told that, only to turn out it really wasn't the vast majority of the time.

Ok, two questions working on the notion that it is local:
- What could be causing it for TeamViewer and only TeamViewer?
- PMPC Support person Adam Cook says he replicated it on a fresh VM: what might his and mine have in common that could lead to that result?


To be clear, I didn't say I replicated the "issue". I said it installs in Program Files and I made a remark on an observation that the binary was also stored in AppData. I confirmed that software installed normally and correctly.

I just tested this on a fresh VM and TeamViewer is in Program Files and it seems TeamViewer also place a binary in your AppData, too, like you suggested.

Yesterday we updated in our catalogue and this update removed Adobe Digital Editions from the ConfigMgr Apps and Intune tabs - however this update is still supported as a WSUS/ConfigMgr software update. Yesterday we also improved the detection logic to cope with this nonsense by Adobe of updating their software but not the version number itself in the registry.

To receive this new detection logic, please republish the software update if you want it as a software update (I appreciate this post has been mostly discussing ConfigMgr Apps):

I'm not sure if you created this uservoice item or not, I believe you did, but if you didn't, please vote on this idea because I still believe we should be able to be more flexible in situations like this where vendors like Adobe completely deviate from 'standards':

To follow up regarding this exact issue: we will be removing the product from our catalogue from all tabs except the Updates tab, so you will still be able to create software update for it in WSUS/ConfigMgr - WSUS applicability rules gives us greater flexibility than our detection mechanisms do for Intune Apps/Updates and ConfigMgr Apps.

With that said, we won't be able to correct the detection for this product as a software update until the next update of the Publisher as we identified a bug while trying to publish updates to WSUS with custom success exit codes - this product exits with exit code 1223 and we need to configure WSUS to interpret that as a success.

Thanks - that make sense as the issue is with constant revision of the ConfigMgr App and not the software update in WSUS.

I've received what you sent, thanks for that. Hopefully I can follow up with you later today about what the issue might be or next steps.

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