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Chrome stopped updating after version 110.0.5481.178 (x64)

Started by cgriff36, March 28, 2023, 11:05:15 AM

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My ADR no longer see's any new Chrome updates that are being published from patchmypc. I'm not seeing any errors or warnings on the patchmypc side. I had to manually install updates for chrome last month... This morning I get another email about a new chrome update in PMP - Google Chrome 111.0.5563.147 (x64)   3/28/2023 8:10:21 AM   92.15 MB   Updates   Moderate and it's green. I go into SCCM and the ADR doesn't see it, all updates doesn't see it. Any ideas on what I should check? It seems like other PMP updates are working so it's confusing why the Chrome issue. I've never had issues with chrome in the past.