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Replace the updates we currently deploy through SCCM to Intune

Started by TheLidarKing, January 29, 2024, 02:56:52 PM

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Create collection
Do a search for only the apps we support and check that the update is needed on some machines
Select all the needed updates and download them.
Create Deployment Group and assign it to the collection created.

Intune: Please provide link to where the solution is for the issue.

There is no way I can see doing the same procedure in Intune. 
I can't select all the needed updates and select them.
I will stop there, because that is the problem. 

Raunak Desai (Patch My PC)

Hey !

Hope you are keeping well.

I didn't understand your question completely. Are you using the PatchMyPc publisher to deploy the updated to your endpoints ?

If yes, then I do have a few follow up questions :

1. Which license type you've opted for ?
2. Are you deploying update only through SCCM or Intune ?
3. Did you get a chance to use the Database Scan wizard for Intune and SCCM inside the PatchMyPc publisher interface ?


Waiting for your response.



We have an enterprise plus license.  I think the second link is what I am looking for.  Thank you!