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Add "Recommended" Apps Category

Started by Aitch, March 04, 2018, 12:22:46 PM

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Like I keep saying - as well as Downloading/Updating software... y'all should also be developing PMPU to help Discover new software!

Which is what I did today lol - in the Hardware Tools section, I tried out HWinFo for the first time... and am blown away!
Dangit, I wish I'd found this awesome app years ago!

I now don't need these FIVE other apps and have Uninstalled them!   
- Core Temp
- CrystalDiskInfo
- HWMonitor
- SpeedFan
I may end up removing a couple more once I've figured out everything HWinFo can do haha!

So, how about this for an idea - could y'all choose the very best apps in every category... and somehow highlight them as Recommended?
(like an Editors Pick lol!)

Maybe even create a new section called "Recommended" which has all the best apps in one place?
Sure, some categories won't have one clear winner - so pick the best 2 or 3 etc...

Also, how about Rating each app according to how many people have installed it - and adding the option to arrange the order of apps in each section Alphabetically (as it is now) or by Popularity!

Or even add another section called "Popular" and put all the most downloaded apps there etc!

All this would save people wasting time getting inferior software - and help them discover the better options out there!

Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)

It's hard to recommend apps since use cases are different for each user.


Indeed, app recommendations are very subjective depending on the user.  For example, ask "Which anti-virus should I use?" and there might be many opinions.

However, I like it how PMPC lists apps into categories.  This makes it easier to look for potential software alternatives, which can then be researched online if needed.


I afraid this app would become too bloated. It's core function is to update apps.


It wouldn't become bloated at all dude! Just add a highlight to some of the better apps!

Okay okay, recommending apps might be too complicated - but showing which are the most downloaded would be pretty easy! ;)

Then have an option to re-order apps in each category by their popularity = simples! ;D