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I'm not sure why it doesn't change to green lettering like every other program after it's updated but Subtitle Edit stays red and at the top of the list even though it's updated.

It's petty, perhaps, since it's updating but it should turn green and not be at the top anymore.Patch My PC.jpg
Hi there, 
You can click on "About" and under "Log File" you can view the log of everything happens from the home updater.
Hi Guys,

I hope I can ask this here
I am looking for a documenation tool for software updates
So after I manually install Windows Server updates or regular updates (for Adobe, Firefox...) I would like to create documentation what has been installed and when
Until now I would write everyting inside OneNote but now I am searching for better structured tool / solution

Thank you
Thanks for reaching out on the forum!

I have reached out to our app devs to verify the supersedence chain for Edge. Just for reference, our supersedence chain only covers up to the last 10 versions of the product.

Based on the release notes for stable versions of Edge, version 109.0.1518.55 falls outside of the supersedence chain.

In the meantime, if you would like to decline the older version of Edge you can use the Modify Updates Wizard in the Updates Options menu:


It looks like this older version of Edge is not marked as superseded by the later versions of Edge. I assume this is in error?

   I'm using windows XP 32-bit for software compatibility reasons too irritating to recount, but also, avoiding bloatware, etc. (This system actually is 64-bit, and dual-boots to Linux Mint as well) So, via https://patchmypc.com/home-updater (as suggested in the Feb. 2023 issue of APC magazine) I thought to try "For Windows XP, you can download a legacy support version that uses Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 here: https://patchmypc.com/freeupdater/PatchMyPCLegacySupport.exe " as the system does indeed have .NET 3.5...
   But this leads to 404 Page not found.

   I can of course chug along with manual updates (where still available for XP) but the hope was to have the petty details attended to automatically. Oh well.
   Is there some place where the old version can be found, or is it now banished?
Definitions appear to be downloaded. Activity starts but first program does not install. I can see the first program .exe file in the patchmypcupdates folder on the C drive but it sits there. What can I do. It was working fine before the weekend. I will be grateful for any help and advice
My ADR no longer see's any new Chrome updates that are being published from patchmypc. I'm not seeing any errors or warnings on the patchmypc side. I had to manually install updates for chrome last month... This morning I get another email about a new chrome update in PMP - Google Chrome 111.0.5563.147 (x64)   3/28/2023 8:10:21 AM   92.15 MB   Updates   Moderate and it's green. I go into SCCM and the ADR doesn't see it, all updates doesn't see it. Any ideas on what I should check? It seems like other PMP updates are working so it's confusing why the Chrome issue. I've never had issues with chrome in the past.
Quote from: Ben Whitmore (Patch My PC) on March 27, 2023, 03:54:10 AMThanks for reaching out. We do sympathise with your position but unfortunately there is nothing we can do here. I would advise reaching out to Adobe and they may be able to give more advice on why their installers are being flagged, incorrectly, by some Anti-Virus vendors.

No worries, I wasn't blaming you guys. I think the issue lies with Defender detection, like AndAuf mentioned above. I will try and find out what it is specifically about installer.bin that triggers the incident and will report back here if I do.
General Questions (Free Home Updater) / Problem on Patch my pc
Last post by matmoro566 - March 28, 2023, 12:18:39 AM
After opening the program, I encounter this view. What to do? Thanks for the answer.