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Hello guy's,

I'm just wondering if someone else is facing the same issue as we are.

After the installation of the displaylink no issue during installation but the application and drivers are no more working like if it was not installed.

Uninstalling and installing again it is fixing the issue but it should not be the purpose.

My B !

Sorry  ::) and thanks
Hi !

Just wanted to know how to manage this case :

Currently i deployed on few device RoyalTS update, after some feedback i saw that License was missing, so i created an MST file with cab and imported it in PatchMyPC Servicing tool.

Now i just wanted to know if you planned to supersed previous same version ?

Hope my explanation are clear do not hesitate if it is not :)

Hi Guys,

First of all, thank you for your tool where ease our life on packaging stuff :)

I'm wondering if there is any plan to go on applications installation instead of package for the initial installation in Configuration Manager ?

if yes, do you have any clue when it will be available ?

Thank you in advance for your answer