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Like I keep saying - as well as Downloading/Updating software... y'all should also be developing PMPU to help Discover new software!

Which is what I did today lol - in the Hardware Tools section, I tried out HWinFo for the first time... and am blown away!
Dangit, I wish I'd found this awesome app years ago!

I now don't need these FIVE other apps and have Uninstalled them!   
- Core Temp
- CrystalDiskInfo
- HWMonitor
- SpeedFan
I may end up removing a couple more once I've figured out everything HWinFo can do haha!

So, how about this for an idea - could y'all choose the very best apps in every category... and somehow highlight them as Recommended?
(like an Editors Pick lol!)

Maybe even create a new section called "Recommended" which has all the best apps in one place?
Sure, some categories won't have one clear winner - so pick the best 2 or 3 etc...

Also, how about Rating each app according to how many people have installed it - and adding the option to arrange the order of apps in each section Alphabetically (as it is now) or by Popularity!

Or even add another section called "Popular" and put all the most downloaded apps there etc!

All this would save people wasting time getting inferior software - and help them discover the better options out there!

Yes - but surely you have a road-map of how you want the app to develop?

Plus, it's not that much hard work dude lol!
I've emailed the dev!  ;)
Is that a Thanks but No Thanks Justin ?! :P
Yet another mind-blowing idea lol! ;D

Make the left hand column able to expand and collapse - because once you've ticked all the apps you want downloaded/updated, it's not really required anymore... and just sits there ruining the view!

Also, move the buttons to the bottom so everything is nicely symmetrical - and looks awesometacular! :) 

Kinda like this:

Yup, been busy with Paint again lol!  ;D

How about trying the following:

1) Tidy up the left column
a - remove the version numbers and x86/x64
b - if the OS is 64-bit then don't show the 32-bit version of an app if the 64-bit exists
c - use only one word for the category titles
d - put MS Visual in the Runtimes category
e - add option in right-click menu to let an app be hidden - for Firefox ESR etc

2) Organise the right column
a - make a grid with Application/Developer/Bit/Version/Updated columns
b - add right-click option on title-bar to let some columns be hidden - whatever people prefer
c - add right-click option on apps to let them be hidden from list - mainly for MS Visual etc

3) Merge the Scheduler in to Options
- also rework Scheduler so it uses drop-down menus

4) Overall, tighten up the layout so it's more compact and svelte!

Glad you brought back the website in the latest update - with a cool icon too!

I'm sure that by the end of this year, you'll have the PMPU features/functionality pretty much perfected - and have over 400 apps covered!

So what will y'all do in 2019?

Continue to add more apps (even the not so popular ones!) = higher the number, the more impressive and popular PMPU will become!

Also, even though y'all don't want to lol...

Version 6.0 = Include fully featured System Info... like Speccy

Version 7.0 = Include fully featured Uninstaller... like Revo

Trust me guys - your user base will expand to every PC on Earth!... and you'll become the next multi-bajillion dollar acquisition by Microsoft !!  8)
Hollywood should ask me to do all their CGI lol!

Guess what Justin - some more suggestions haha!

1) There's a lot of overlap on the Overview and Download pages - why not merge/eliminate them?
2) Tech Support shows the Forum and Email - why not focus on the Forum as your email address is already in Contact Us...
3) Do you really need your phone number on the homepage - again, it's already there in Contact...

So here's version 2.0 lol:

Behold it's breathtaking beauty and minimalist elegance!  ;D

Looking much better dudes - and the video is superb... y'all really are kicking ass now!
I hope you've upgraded your servers because there's gonna be a lot of people downloading PMP this year!

As usual (lol!) some ideas to improve things! ;)

1) Why not move the Reviews from the sidebar and put them across the top - much more in yo face!
2) Put the Donate button in the top-bar - again, more visible and tidier overall!
3) Move the Resources box further up, to replace the Review box - so it can be seen immediately without scrolling down!
4) Shout out load the number of apps covered - you guys are still just whispering lol!   

Kinda like this:

Keep up the good work bro's! 8)

Seems pretty stable dude - have only found this so far... it shows the yellow message at the top, even though all the apps are green and up to date?

So y'all decided to remove the Website from the app - why? Would have been nice to keep it!

Could you add an Option that hides the MS Visual and MS .Net updates?

Also, how about giving the list a grid format so it looks more neat and organised!
Something like this but with faint grid-lines like a spreadsheet:


ChromeGoogle6464.0.3282.16720 Feb 18
FirefoxMozilla6458.0.215 Dec 17

Dang Omar... you're on Fire !! ;D

A massive 302 Apps covered now - and only 53 left on the Poll... (which I'm sure you'll add in the next update, right bro! 8))

And... it's updated to Version 4.0 now too! Hell Yeah !!

I think y'all have nailed the functionality now - and even used my idea of putting the number of apps covered in the Search bar = Sweet!

BUT - it still looks a little cluttered and dated dudes... hopefully you'll work on the look and style for Version 5.0!

Now excuse me while I go test this bad boy out lol!  8)
Is it possible to tweak the code so it detects when there is a repeated version number - and shows only one?
Would make the app more neat and refined!

Also, eMule doesn't show it's version number at all?
Quote from: Admin - Justin on February 08, 2018, 10:27:56 PM
Quote from: Aitch on February 08, 2018, 12:17:56 PM
Ya really need to openly display how many apps you cover - make a big deal of it as it's your main selling point!

We do have them listed here: https://patchmypc.net/supported-products-free-updater

Exactly - hidden away where nobody can see! That is the opposite of making a big deal dude!
Why not show the total number, right in yo face, on the home page - and add it somewhere on the app too?

Also, is there a reason why some apps repeat the version number?
Like above - the Unlocker app shows:
Unlocker 1.9.2 - 1.9.2
A couple more bro! These are just portable apps so I'm guessing easier for you to add?

Ultrasurf = https://ultrasurf.us/

RBTray = http://rbtray.sourceforge.net/