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That was my issue. I knew they were all checked but we got a new admin recently who must have unchecked them Ôÿ╣ so sorry about bugging you I knew these were already checked but now I know someone unchecked them. I apologize for taking up your time.

Yes this is probably a question for Microsoft support but figured I'd ping you guys first. I published 13 apps to SCCM but 4 are not showing up in Software Update. For example one of these is Putty. I can see in the SCUP log that all went well, see attached. But then when I search in SCCM nothing shows up. The other 9 apps do show up just fine no issues. So I'm wondering what happened to these 4? I also put them into a special publication and published that and none of the 4 showed up. Any other logs I can check etc?

Thanks for the info Justin. Again I really do appreciate all the help you guys have provided. Have a great day I look forward to future correspondence.

on December 05, 2016, 02:37:24 PM I posted my first request on this forum. Ironically its close the same things I'm asking for today. If it can't be done that's find just please let me know it cannot be done and I'll drop it. But I keep getting told we'll take a look but nothing ever comes of it. I really appreciate all the work you guys have done! This isn't a negative post. I just wanna know yes or no. Thanks.

I never got a reply from question #3 I had:
#3 - If we can't get the predefined list of Patch My PC apps to be able to select in report 06, is there a way to do so using wildcards? Example I want to search for all java versions as well as say CutePDF. In the display name field for the 06 report could I enter "%java 6%, %java 7%, %java 8%, %CutePDF%" ?

I just got the new reports installed thanks! They installed quickly and easily so thanks for that!

#1 - I was wondering if there is a way to get report "06 - Installed Third-Party Applications Detailed" to be able to instead of searching for text with wildcards that we could have all the Patch My PC apps pre-loaded. Example: Have the option to select the apps just like in the 04 report?

#2 - If we can get my ask above, can we also be able to select multiple apps at once for the 06 report????? For example I want to know all the Java versions so Java 6, 7 and 8 all at once??? As you know I've been asking for this one for 2 years 4 months and 18 days  :P If you look back on my second post on this thread was back on December 5th 2016!!! Crazy! At that time I was literally asking for the same thing I am here. I accidentally said the 04 report but I meant the 06 report. I need the detailed list of devices with the 3rd party apps installed. The 04 chart report would be cool as well. To be able to select say 5 apps and have it give me 5 different reports would be great. But I know that would be much harder to figured out then to simple modify the 06 report to be able to select multiple apps at once. Then I could export to excel and filter each. Right now I have to run a report for each app and that gets old quick.

#3 - If we can't get the predefined list of Patch My PC apps to be able to select in report 06, is there a way to do so using wildcards? Example I want to search for all java versions as well as say CutePDF. In the display name field for the 06 report could I enter "%java 6%, %java 7%, %java 8%, %CutePDF%" ?

Nope sorry busy with other things. I'm hoping tomorrow or Thursday.

Thanks. Not sure if I'll get any time today but will next week. I'll let you know if I have any issues.

I just did the upgrade and WOW did that go smooth. The migration was literally as easy as clicking next! Good work and nice video! I haven't published anything using the updated version but will soon. Good work!

I'm a little surprised they changed the install dir and they new SCUP version is a completely different app instead of just updating the old app. But its kinda nice to have the old 5.00.1727 and the new 6.0.278.

I know you guys have a lot on your plate with this so just let me know when the new reports come out, as you said hopefully next week.

So if I run a catalog update today you guys are already up to date? If so great job! I just downloaded SCUP v6.0.278.0 I'll install that when I get time. Once I install that I'll update the catalog so we have the latest and greatest. Thanks for all your hard work. Much appreciated!

Thanks for the info! If you could shoot me a link to the new reports when they come out I'd appreciate it.

Great Martin can you teach me how to create a report that will scan a specific device group for ALL 3rd party apps?

Justin any update? I'm running outta time. Either I run the reports one by one again or you guys come up with an update that will allow me to select multiple apps at once. Any update or ETA at all for the next report release? I check the forum almost everyday looking for updates :)

Great thanks Justin!! I appreciate it!


Did you guys ever take a look at a report that I can get for multiple 3rd party apps at once? I know this thread is kinda old but we still need this. I have been tasked to look at all the 3rd party apps to see what versions were running. To do that I need to run a report for each app one by one. As mentioned in the post I'd really like a way to select multiple apps at once. Let me know if you guys have looked into this request.

 Reply #22 on: February 02, 2017, 10:23:15 AM ┬╗
That is what we are looking into. Doing multiple apps within a contains SQL statement might be challenging.

So what if you allowed multiple apps to be selected and not one by one? Example my manager needs to know what versions of Adobe AIR, VLC Player and Notepad++ and what workstations they are installed on currently. I can run 3 reports just fine but it would be really nice to be able to just select all 3 apps and run the version report and then the details report. Any chance of doing that? Thanks again for helping out. I'm sure i'm getting annoying :) but I appreciate you assistance.

Andy K

So any idea if your going to build the new report(s) with all the apps in a single interface or not? Or if I can select multiple apps for a single report?

Andy K

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