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Hello, I have been asked to make available the .net Core SDK packages however I cannot find them in the Catalog.  When I look at user voice it says these were released.  Have I missed these being dropped or is there something else going on here?


I have received reports from my users today that Power Toys comes up with an MSI when they try to start the app.  Appears to be an issue in Power Toys installer when installed under the System Account.  See for more details.  Wanted to give a heads up in case anyone else notices this issue.

Started to deploy the update for SQL 2017 but we are seeing the install complete but Intune reports it cannot detect the application.  Looks like the version number is not matching what the Powershell script is checking for.  (PS looking for 17.9.1 - In Registry "DisplayVersion"="14.0.17289.0")

Microsoft .NET Core Runtime - 3.1.8 (x64) is not being detected as installed via Intune.  App reports Status code 0 in Script runner log but the app is not detected as installed.

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