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Yes this is probably a question for Microsoft support but figured I'd ping you guys first. I published 13 apps to SCCM but 4 are not showing up in Software Update. For example one of these is Putty. I can see in the SCUP log that all went well, see attached. But then when I search in SCCM nothing shows up. The other 9 apps do show up just fine no issues. So I'm wondering what happened to these 4? I also put them into a special publication and published that and none of the 4 showed up. Any other logs I can check etc?

I'm trying to push out Flash but the download URL is down. Does anyone else have this issue or know how to get the MSI?


When I run report "04 - Installed Third-Party Applications" and use the drop down box to select which app I'd like to look for. I get a list of 62 applications. But when I look in SCUP I see there are more than 62 apps such as Gimp and ImgBurn that don't show up in the drop down list for the report. Is that by design or is my report not querying all the apps in SCUP? Or maybe they are just listed as different names? Not a big deal since its a few minor apps just wondering.

I can provide a full list that my report is getting if needed.

Andy K

If you run report "04 - Installed Third-Party Applications" on the console and look at the bottom of the page it shows the PatchMyPC logo on the left and more importantly it lists Unique Devices and Unique Versions. But then when I export that report to MS Word and scroll to the bottom of the page the logo is gone as well as the Unique Devices and Unique Versions.

Is there anyway you could include the Unique Devices and Unique Versions in the export?

See below for examples.

Andy k

I'm looking for a report that will scan a collection name aka device group for all 3rd party applications related to SCUP\PatchMyPC catalog that are installed? Example: I have 10 workstations in a group. I need a report to tell me all the 3rd party apps that are installed on those workstations and the version numbers. And the report would use the PatchMyPC\SCUP apps for the criteria for the apps to scan the group for.

I've been digging around the PatchMyPC reports for something like this and I can find OS updates when I drill down. But I cannot find all 3rd party apps installed and their versions for a specific collection name aka device group.

Anyone know how I can get that report?

Thanks in advance!

I installed the PatchMyPC reports a few months ago when we purchased the product. Then I did a huge SCCM upgrade\SCUP re-install and re-installed the PatchMyPC reports again. I'm pretty sure its all installed correctly. When I click on any report it loads correctly no errors or issues. I'm not sure the percentages are correct but I haven't had time to double check yet. Problem is when I click on example the 01- Compliance Dashboard for Third-Party Updates report or any PatchMyPC report then I click on any link or try to drill down at all such as graphs, titles, etc i get the error "The item '/ConfigMgr_DCC/_Patc_ My_PC_Reports/08 - Third-Party Updates Date Range' cannot be found. (rsItemNotFound)". I get the same error using the web or SCCM console. I'm logged in using my admin creds which should have full admin access to everything but I did have rights issues re-setting up the normal SCCM reports after the SCCM upgrade. But I've since fixed that and the SCCM reports are working correctly. I need to be able to drill down to see more details from the PatchMyPC reports such as which apps\updates are missing from which workstations\servers. I've attached both the web and console errors. I'd appreciate any help.

If possible I could share a WebEx session and phone call to help me troubleshoot this issue.

Andy Konczak
Entrust Datacard
[email protected]
Work: 952-988-1624

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