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I guess I was tripped up because it doesn't show the SDKs should also be updated. 

I'm using Windows 10 and I see a new entry this morning in red: "Java 8 Update 211 (64-bit)  -  8.0.2110.12" yet that is the version that's already installed (since several months).

Right-clicking to "Open description page" doesn't yield any result.

For now, you can click click and skip scanning for this product.

Can you clarify what is "click click" ? Double click?

If I right-click, I can effectively disable updates for that product. However, it seems not the right thing to do since security is important.

Otherwise, the reason I wrote here is that 1) PMP thinks it needs updating upon each launch (which appears to be wrong), 2) It downloads it (wasting bandwidth) and takes time to update for nothing (wasting time).

I infer from your answer that we just have to live with this bug?

I also have this issue. I've uninstalled Git and re-installed it, even using PMP, only to have it show up again as red (outdated).

If anyone needs more info to help debug, I'm happy to supply it if I can.

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