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Prevent downloading apps twice?

Started by Eddie78701, July 12, 2022, 02:04:49 PM

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So I am new to SCCM and PatchMyPC and happy to have found this forum!

Right now PatchMyPC Publisher downloads the new applications and sets things up to save me a lot of time!  But it looks like in order to update the applications I need to download a second copy of these after I create my Software Update Group (I have not started using ADR yet.)  Is there a way to leverage the downloads that have already taken place and have been pushed to my Distribution Points for pushing out updates?  (I have looked for a video on the update part, but so far all of the videos seem to cover the setup and showing how much time you save with the product.  Even the discussion on ADRs that I found is just an article.)

Wes Mitchell

Hi Eddie
  Having a Q&A session would be better t explain this process since you are new to Cm and PMPC. Please schedule some time fromo the following link: https://calendly.com/patch-my-pc-live-demos/patch-my-pc-environment-review-session