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"Adobe Acrobat Reader DC" detection issue when "Adobe Acrobat Pro" is installed.

Started by Ithendyr, November 21, 2022, 03:03:37 AM

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Hi, i create a new topic. The last one have been blocked since few days for no reasons...

Since few month we use PMPC, we encounter post installation errors when pushing Adobe Acrobat Reader DC when Adobe Acrobat Pro is already installed.
Our users have the possibility to use Adobe Creative Cloud to manage themself Adobe products related to there licences.
Not all our users have/need an Adobe licence so we require to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on our devices.

In case a user install Adobe Acrobat Pro via Adobe Creative Cloud, the Adobe Acrobat DC requirement stay active and didn't detect te presence of Acrobat Pro.
I joined a screen capture of PMPC app side-by-side with a computer in this case.

I think is just the detection script to update to cover this case.

Thanks for your fix,


I'm very surprised that nobody cares, it makes you want to keep using the product... (and pay a small fortune)

Below, few screen captures to help to do your job. If PMPC team doesn't about they users, we envisage to leave your services and of course, no longer pay yourself thousands of Euros. Maybe the pressure of losing so much money will make you react a little more.
This problem has existed for a few months since we started using your product. We didn't say anything, hoping you just need some time to analyze and fix the issues, but obviously that's not the case.


2022-11-24 10_52_10-Windows 10 sur EDUAZU-D2071L63 - Connexion à un ordinateur virtuel.png
This is a screen capture of the registry on a computer with Adobe Reader DC installed.

2022-11-24 10_51_55-Éditeur du Registre.png
This is a screen capture of the registry on a computer with Adobe Acrobat Pro installed side-by-side with the detection script given by PMPC.

2022-11-24 11_04_44-Acrobat Reader migration to 64-bit — Mozilla Firefox.png
This is a screen capture of the documentation given by Adobe about the registry key used by the script.

2022-11-24 10_56_16-Paramètres.png
This is the result of the detection script on a computer with Adobe Acrobat Pro installed.

2022-11-24 10_56_38-Paramètres.png
This is the result of the detection script on a computer with Adobe Acrobat Pro installed. The script have been modified to take in count the presence of other Adobe Acrobat product installed that replace Adobe Reader.
In that case, if the presence of another version with advanced features and that replace a version with a limited features, it's considered as "Installed" because the advanced version has the same functionalities as the limited version which makes it possible not to consider that the installation is necessary.
Anyway in this case, the installation of Adobe Reader refuses to install for the same reason. (watch screen capture on first post)

Of course, we cannot modify the script each time because for each updates, a new script is used so we need to modifiy it every time.
2022-11-24 10_57_01-PV-PATCH-APP-01 - Connexion Bureau à distance (WVD-Admin).png