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Good Morning,

This can be done, if you check the options tab in the Intune section you will find a button to enable script signing and an option to upload a code signing script. Just make sure the certificate is trusted by the clients.


While doing it that way isn't quite possible, an easy way to do this would be to uncheck chrome in the publisher. This would then turn off the process for adding new updates to configuration manager, or superseding old ones.

Can you open a ticket using our support page?

We will likely need log files to help solve this issue. It is likely a content issue, if you have software center enabled, and the update is visible in software center does it have an error message attached to it? These sometimes make things a little easier to troubleshoot.

VLC - did have some issues with their download site yesterday causing timeouts. It's possible you were affected by that.

Hi Fabian,

The publisher should automatically pull in the newest version of the update.

I just tested and it looks like we do have the version 21 in the catalog.

I would suggest opening a support ticket and sharing your settings.XML and the patch my pc log.


No we are not looking for any "it was created by us so updated it" magic.

We are just looking for the registry keys that are associated with the installation of the product.

Good Afternoon,

So we pull back that type of information, however, because of the names it probably wouldn't match. So the data might be "there" but might not match so we don't include it in the count from a detection perspective for reporting.

For the second half of your question, are you trying to remove the LOB - if it exists and re-install with win32?

If so I don't think we have that logic in place, you would however probably add a pre-script that would accomplish that.

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