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Adobe Reader Reboot for Simple Patching

Started by Eddie78701, August 26, 2022, 05:30:57 PM

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I am new to SCCM and Patch My PC and just getting started with an eval license after we fired the prior company that provided a standalone product...  I am baffled why patching Reader would trigger a reboot.  I have never, ever had a need to reboot this after a simple patch.  If I install outside of SCCM there is no prompt to reboot from the app.  Am I overlooking some setting that needs to be set to stop this behavior?


Just getting started on this myself.  If you go to updates in the PMPC console, right click on the Adobe Reader product you're having issues with and choose "Show package info", is there anything on the command-line to block the installer from rebooting?  I'm working with Intune, so it may be slightly different for SCCM.

Wes Mitchell

Hi Eddie
That should not cause a reboot, there may be another process that caused it. The switches run with that can be found by looking at the show package info or looking at the Modify published updates wizard which is a look into WSUS.  https://patchmypc.com/modify-published-third-party-updates-wizard

Please go to https://patchmypc.com/technical-support and include your client logs to help us see what the issue is


Since I have literally booted VM, opened Reader and checked for the policy to get it patched, I don't see how another process should be triggering.  I am going to hide the notifications in SCCM since this is just plain silly.