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I spoke too soon I suppose.

I updated a couple of my task sequences to now use the newer applications during deployment. Both test deployments of Adobe Flash Player NPAPI "Firefox" .msi appear to not be present on the machine after the TS completed. The TS specified no issue and exited with error code 0.

Hmm, ok...
I'm not sure what has changed but it is installing now as well as successfully uninstalling with proper detection.

I appreciate the quick feedback you've provided!
Taken from AppDiscovery.log

+++ Application not discovered with script detection. [AppDT Id: ScopeId_32D6837B-F7F8-41E4-AA33-B3D85F0DEB0E/DeploymentType_7df2015e-1d02-411b-8c1d-cbdcca15b625, Revision: 2]

+++ Did not detect app deployment type Adobe Flash Player 32-bit/64-bit Plugin (Firefox - MSI)(ScopeId_32D6837B-F7F8-41E4-AA33-B3D85F0DEB0E/DeploymentType_7df2015e-1d02-411b-8c1d-cbdcca15b625, revision 2) for S-1-5-21-2071095341-785605168-1538882281-18123.

I apologize for the delay! I'd prefer to not disclose logs.
If there is a specific log with a block of information you need I'd be fine with that.

Thanks for your time!
The application created for "Adobe Flash Player 32-bit/64-bit Plugin (Firefox - MSI) version" appears to have a detection issue.
Copying it's content folder locally to the machine and running the script works fine.
Thanks for making this post and the supplied information.
I'm sure many were curious on how this was being handled.