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As subject says, sometimes a selected application (application creation, not update), doesn't update the previous application and instead creates a new application.  The most recent example is Google Chrome.  It has been updating the same application in SCCM from somewhere around version 70.x, which is now 115.0.5790.110 which is referenced by task sequences and has required deployments.  But now there is a 117.0.5938.92 application also.  So for some reason PMPC didn't update the existing application (115.x) to 117.x (more likely to 116.x or whatever version came after 115.0.5790.110).  Since it created a new application, we have to go through all of our task sequences and update references and create deployments using the new application and remove deployments from the old one.

Is there any known reason why this occurs and how we can prevent it or know when it happens so we can take action.  Right now, I have to tell my team to just monitor the folder periodically to see if PMPC creates a new application instead of updating the existing one.
I posed my question over at Reddit while I was waiting to get the e-mail to reset my password here:


Essentially, we have numerous security agents which can't be updated except by the self-updating mechanism.  In SCCM we target these at a collection using hardware inventory installed software to target devices "missing" the security agent.  But that isn't available in Intune.  Microsoft's recommended solution is to use a custom script for Requirements to filter out devices because that moves the processing load from the server to the client.  However, there is no option in PMPC to modify Requirements of an Intune App, so I'd have to manually edit the app PMPC creates each time.  A more detailed description is in the Reddit link above.