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I recently upgraded from ConfigMgr 2111 to 2303. I didn't notice this error beforehand.

While viewing "Third-Party Software Update Catalogs" in ConfigMgr it shows the Patch My PC Catalog as "Trust Failed" under the "Last sync status" column.
Updates appear to still be getting published nightly though and PMP publishing service doesn't show any errors.

Just wanting to see if this should even be listed there anymore and if so how to correct it's status.

Thank you!
This applies to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC & Continuous (x64) application installs & updates.

Application installs of both now populate the desktop shortcut where in the past the right-click option to remove the shortcut worked.

It also seems that after installing updates for Adobe Acrobat Reader DC that it made a desktop shortcut appear when it did not exist before. I assume it would do the same for the Continuous (x64) though I have not verified.

Thank you!
This update is not reporting back that it's required for install where previous versions are present.

Thank you!
Testing the update Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Update 21.001.20135 to my pilot group today appears to have issues.
Within the console it only reported as failed on 1 machine of 4 total. The other 3 are stuck as "Unknown" for the status of this software update group which only contains PatchMyPC updates. The other updates within the SUG have installed except for Adobe Reader. It states failed locally in Software Center for those machines. If you Retry the install in Software Center it does successfully install however. Currently on ConfigMgr2010, btw.

I have not seen this sort of activity in the past.

Thank you
Before doing my own testing I hoped you could save me the time by answering my curiosity.

I will soon be pushing out application install deployments for Chrome and Firefox web browsers to get everyone up-to-speed.
Both of these applications are updated very frequently by your team.

If I have started the install and those applications and they're updated while the deployment is on-going what actions will be taken by targeted PCs?
Actions of PCs that have already installed the version before the update? Actions of PCs that have not yet installed the version prior to the update?

Thanks for assistance!  ;D
The application created for "Adobe Flash Player 32-bit/64-bit Plugin (Firefox - MSI) version" appears to have a detection issue.
Copying it's content folder locally to the machine and running the script works fine.