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1) It seems that moving the log takes affect only after restating the program, but the program does not tell one this.

2) it is too easy to lose a forum post one is writing. I lost this post. For, the forum opens within the application and one can accidentally navigate away from the forum and be unable to get back to the exact page one was on. Also, I would have thought that making the application into a web browser is insecure.

Thanks for your time.

Windows 10 2008. PatchMyPc

Patch My PC
Windows 10 Pro 1909

Cache path was set to 'Y:\' when there was no such path. That was my mistake. Clicking on 'perform <x> updates' did nothing and gave no message. That is a bug. Setting the path worked around the problem.

Report Bugs and Issues (Free Home Updater) / Two networking problems
« on: January 06, 2019, 09:50:31 AM »
1) For several months now, PatchMyPC will not run if my VPN is enabled.
2) PatchMyPc will not update itself if my firewall is enabled. (I am unsure how long this has been happening.) I guess the problem is that I cannot create a firewall rule for the updater because the name of the updater file/process is not fixed.

Version affected
Win 8.1.

All of a sudden, PatchMyPc gives a 'forbidden' error, and will not run, unless I disable my VPN. My firewalls (well, software and router and ISP firewalls) seem to not be part of the problem. I've Windows 8.1 and the VPN software I am using is OpenVPN. Compare perhaps this: A few weeks ago I did not have the problem (and I don't think I upgraded anything relevant).

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