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Many 'unsupported state' messages in the PMPC log

Started by BugsBunny, February 08, 2023, 01:20:02 PM

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Here's my scenario: we updated the third-party certificate we use for PMPC. After that we redownloaded all the third-party updates. Then triggered a WSUS sync and redeployed to our SCCM Distribution Points.

Things looked 99% good at that point. But we did notice when reviewing the Patch My PC log and email and comparing that with the third-party updates in SCCM, a handful of the patches didn't appear to update. I started looking into it and began testing with one patch in particular just to see what would happen.

What I did was bring up the Modify Updates Wizard in the PMPC console. I selected one of the patches that hadn't updated and then I clicked the "Re-Sign Update" button. Then ran a PMPC sync. Noticed a bunch of red error messages in the log file. The message for the specific update I tried to re-sign said:
"The update [Camtasia 2019 (MSI-x64)] has an unsupported state [Failed]".

So I'm guessing that's not the right solution.  :P

I did a WSUS sync again after that, and did a test deploy of a couple random updates. That seemed to work fine.

However, I still see lots of red messages about unsupported states, as noted above. What's weird to me is that the message is showing even for the updates that I did a test deploy with and they worked.

Not sure what to do now to eliminate the 'unsupported state' messages.

Andrew Jimenez (Patch My PC)


So unsupported state means that the content for that update is no longer available (it has been deleted from WSUSContent, likely during some sort of manual WSUS maintenance). Because of this, re-signing the updates will not work. The fix here is to re-publish the updates that you see this issue on so that they can be signed with the new certificate, and have their content available again.


Thanks, Andrew. So to clarify, just go into the PMPC console, and for any updates in the log w/ the 'unsupported state' message, right-click the update and select 'Republish during next sync cycle'?

Andrew Jimenez (Patch My PC)

Correct, you'll right-click the product under the "Updates" tab (not in the wizard), choose to republish on the next sync. Then run a sync. The old updates without content will be superseded by the newly created republished updates.