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Hi. Pmp updated Crystaldiskmark to the version of 7.0.0 but didn't remove the older version of 6.0.2. So I have now both versions installed.

Same kind of problem with it's cousin: https://patchmypc.com/forum/index.php?topic=3453
QuoteFailed to get download information for WPS Office Free Download URL: http://wdl1.pcfg.cache.wpscdn.com/wpsdl/wpsoffice/download/

Probably the double extension is the problem.
Avidemux still not detected installed by PMP.
I now installed the 2.7.4 version of Avidemux by using Pmp but Pmp does not detect it. I just recalled that I've had this kind of problems before also.
Hi! I have Avidemux 2.7.3 but in Pmp the latest version is 2.7.4. Pmp does not detect that I have an older version. Edit: It does not notice that the app itself is installed.

Also they released a newer version 3 days ago (version 2.7.5) but Pmp is not aware of this. http://avidemux.sourceforge.net/news.html#2019-08-31
Well manual installation worked. I however used exe installer as I could not find msi installer.
Patch My PC | Definitions: 14-July-2019 | 15.7.2019 12.08.59

Downloading Eraser 6.2.2983 (x64) (0 MB)
Eraser 6.2.2983 (x64) Downloaded Successfully
Installing Eraser 6.2.2983 (x64) Silently
Install Complete Exit Code 1603

Patch My PC Update Complete 15.7.2019 12.09.01
Was done on the latest update. Thank you!
Any change for this, dear admins?
Ok thank you.
Patchmypc haven't noticed that Avidemux has a newer version, 2.7.3 released.
Yes downloading works now. However they just released a newer version again. :D Also silent installation does not work for some reason.
Failed to get download information for Avidemux 2.7.2 (x64) Download URL: https://pilotfiber.dl.sourceforge.net/project/avidemux/avidemux/2.7.2/Avidemux_2.7.2%20VC%2B%2B%2064bits%20.exe

Can you fix this?  :)
The latest version of WPS Office is https://www.wps.com/download/ but Pmp thinks that it's Can you fix this?