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No problem, reach out if there's more we can do.

The new version (15.0.18384.0) was released yesterday by Microsoft so it should be in our next catalogue release.

That error code resolves to 1603 which is unfortunately generic and usually a client-side issue. Generally there's more detail in the vendor install log files or if you launch the installer GUI on the problem device. We have an article which discusses that here some more:

I looked at the KB for this issue as well as followed the video but I'm confused.  I've never stood up a separate software update point as the video suggests as a possible cause.

The registry entry cites J:\WSUS, which is the SQLTempDB volume.  I've absolutely no idea how it got there.  It's also got nothing in it beyond two folders WsusContent and UpdateServicesPackages.   
The SQL query cites G:\WSUS, which I think is where it's supposed to be.  That's the Content Source volume, and it's definitely got lots of contents, clocking in at three quarters of a terabyte.
The IIS Basic Settings cite C:\Program Files\Update Services\WebServices\Root as the physical path.

When I run the wsusutil.exe to specify G:\WSUS, it tells me:

Content location is being moved. Please do not stop this program.
Content move failed. Please refer to the log file for more details.
Fatal Error: The new content file location is the same as the old location: G:\WSUS
Parameter name: newContentPath

Should I move it somewhere else?

It sounds like you've got a bit of a mismatch as to where the registry, IIS (specifically the path for the virtual directory "Content") and the database thinks your content path actually is. I can help you get this fixed up but it might just be simpler over the phone.

The registry value, shared folder paths and IIS Content virtual directory path described here are the things we will all want to match with what SQL is referencing. Use this link to book a 60 minute call with me so we can take a look at this.

Hi Adam,

Sorry for the late reply, i tought i send a reply on wednesday, but probably forgot to press Post  :)

Thx for the tip,
I have changed the Runtime to 60 min, but no luck, it give the error after about 3 to 5 min of running.

What is also strange is that last week i uninstalled the SSMS on my pc, and then installed it with the new version, everything was ok, until Wednesday then the patch was again on my pc and failing with the same error.
When i looked in the SCCM console my pc went from Installed to required again

In the console i do see a lot of pc's that require the patch and if i look at the inventory the version is correct
"Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio - 18.8   {29fdeb7a-f6e5-40c3-a203-e306837e95a4}      Microsoft Corporation   15.0.18369.0"
My assumtion is that there is something wrong with the detection rule for this patch

Hi Frank

I've just updated SSMS v18 15.0.18358.0 to v18 15.0.18369.0 with no issue. Update evaluated as installed after the install completed.

Below are the applicability rules for SSMS v18 15.0.18369.0. Are you able to discern any reason why your clients are evaluating as not installable (i.e. not required)?

Code: [Select]
  <bar:RegValueExists Key="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" Subkey="SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio\18" Value="Version" />
  <bar:RegSzToVersion Comparison="LessThan" Data="15.0.18369.0" Value="Version" Key="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" Subkey="SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio\18" />

Code: [Select]
  <bar:RegValueExists Key="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" Subkey="SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio\18" Value="Version" />
  <bar:RegSzToVersion Comparison="GreaterThanOrEqualTo" Data="15.0.18369.0" Value="Version" Key="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" Subkey="SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio\18" />

More info on finding applicability rules here: View Applicability Rules and Troubleshoot Detection States for Third-Party Updates

why was expired and previous version re-enabled?
We have experienced some problems with version and noticed the update is no longer available so wondering whether there is any relation?


Yes, we received notifications there was an issue with it caused by the vendor, so we pulled it from our catalogue.


We checked the Adobe Acrobat Reader 2020 Classic in the "Updates" Tab.
But after running the sync no update was downloaded.
I used the button "Show package info: title, command-line- download URL, etc." and the window is empty.
Seems to be not fully implemented.

Could somebody from Patch-My-PC check, please?

Hi sw-deploy!

We have removed Adobe Acrobat Reader 2020 Classic from our catalogue as it is not supported at this time. We are working on it and hopefully it will be in there soon.


Hi Adam,

Thx for the quick reply.
It is localy on my workstation and on several other workstations.

The error 0x87D00668 also means: "Software update still detected as actionable after being applied"

things i already tried
1. repair dot net, no succes
2. repair windows update, no succes
3. uninstall the management studio and install it again with the new version, fixed the issue, but is not what i'm looking for

Hi Frank

What is the update's max run time? Right click on the software update within the All software updates node of the ConfigMgr console, choose Properties and look in the Maximum Run Time tab. If it's 10 minutes, perhaps try setting it to 60 minutes as a test and see if the update needs longer on your devices to install.


Hi Frank

0x87D00668 resolves to:

# Only administrators have permission to add, remove, or
# configure server software during a Terminal services remote
# session. If you want to install or configure software on
# the server, contact your network administrator.

I will install an older version in a lab and attempt the update but I'm not doing this in an RDS / VDI environment. Is your issue from RDS clients?

Hi! We heard this is resolved in the latest release of the Webex installer. May you retry with the latest version and let me know?

Hi Liam!

20.013.20064 is the latest 'Planned Update' from Adobe. Please see their release notes where they show their Planned, and Optional updates.

Generally the Optional updates are only releases as an MSP file, which we currently do not support as a base installation for applications at this time, as it is an update file that does not containt the full content of the software. It looks like the same is true for this out-of-band security update for build 20.013.20074 - it's only install-able as an MSP file.

With that in mind, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 20.013.20064 is the latest application ConfigMgr will install.

I hope this helps!


It looks like this is possible but we won't be able to support it as a native right click option like you can with most other apps within our publisher. This is due to the limitations of FileZilla.

You can disable automatic updates system wide by saving a file specifically named fzdefaults.xml in the same directory as FileZilla.exe lives (e.g. C:\Program Files\FileZilla FTP Client) with the following contents:

Code: [Select]
    <Setting name="Disable update check">1</Setting>

The documentation for the fzdefaults.xml file can be found here. When you install FileZilla you can find an example of the XML file in C:\Program Files\FileZilla FTP Client\docs.

You can include this fzdefaults.xml file for all of your FileZilla base application installs using the right click option Manage custom pre/post update installation scripts. You will need an accompanying script within this option to copy fzdefaults.xml to the same directory as FileZilla.exe.

You will see the Updates page within the Settings window is no longer available (see attachment).

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