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Having an issue where app isn't actually performing any updates.
- Start the app, Scan for updates.
- Shows 6 updates pending.
- Click perform update
- Right side of screen clears as normal as if it is about to start the download and update process.
Nothing happens. Logfile isn't showing any error, and I get the same result from a /s at command (I assume, logfile has same result.) Personally looks like a connection issue or the app trying to reach out but being blocked, but I have no log files that indicate that.

- Delete and redownload.
- Moved app out of User Dir.
- Uninstalled AV.
- Disabled Defender.
- Disabled ipv6

I haven't been able to test using a tether to phone to see if it is the network; however my laptop on the same network runs the program fine. Both PC's are running Win11, however the desktop is Win Enterprise and the laptop is Pro. I have had a look around and I couldn't see anything that mentioned enterprise edition not being supported.

Any assist is welcomed.