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Over a year later and portable apps still don't download properly (

9/13/2023 4:01:02 AM - Cannot get portable App path from the registry.
9/13/2023 4:01:02 AM - Cannot get the path of the user's desktop folder: Could not find special directory 'Desktop'.
Well, it's getting closer.  It did find a desktop folder...

Quote8/23/2022 3:00:14 AM - 1 App(s) to install or update...
8/23/2022 3:00:14 AM - Download URL: https://download.ccleaner.com/portable/ccsetup603.zip
8/23/2022 3:00:14 AM - Using Default Download Path:   C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\Desktop\PortableApps
8/23/2022 3:00:15 AM - Downloading CCleaner Portable (38.55 MB)
8/23/2022 3:00:15 AM - CCleaner Portable Portable Downloaded Successfully

However, that's a restricted folder that required three "you don't have access to this folder" prompts to drill down to... I have re-saved my actual desktop path and we'll see where CCleaner 6.04 eventually winds up...
As this has never been addressed here or changed in the app, I guess it's working as intenled. 
I've noticed that when PatchMyPC runs my daily overnight update, Portable Apps are saved into the root of my main hard drive instead of the designated folder.  However, when I run an update manually and a Portable App is available, it downloads correctly into the folder I designated for Portable Apps.

Log file for manual download:
6/12/2021 7:11:39 AM - Download URL: https://patchmypc.com/freeupdater/applications/spsetup132.zip
6/12/2021 7:11:39 AM - Using Default Download Path:   C:\Users\robst\Desktop\PortableApps
6/12/2021 7:11:39 AM - Downloading Speccy Portable (5.82 MB)
6/12/2021 7:11:40 AM - Speccy Portable Portable Downloaded Successfully

Log file for automatic download:
6/18/2021 4:01:39 AM - Download URL: https://download.ccleaner.com/portable/ccsetup582.zip
6/18/2021 4:01:39 AM - Downloading CCleaner Portable (34.04 MB)
6/18/2021 4:01:40 AM - CCleaner Portable Portable Downloaded Successfully

I'm guessing it might be that the automated task doesn't have rights to my profile?

Anyway, I thought you'd want to know.

Thanks, as ever, for the Free Updater.
Adobe AIR is no longer provided by Adobe, but by HARMAN.  I think that's why the version in the Patch My PC software is sitting at, while the official version at HARMAN is

The download links are at https://airsdk.harman.com/runtime.
Still happening with HWiNFO 6.06.  I don't mind doing this one manually, as literally everything else I use updates correctly.
I know this isn't something you should have to deal with, but... the HWiNFO64 6.04 installer is not honoring the silent install flags, causing unattended installation jobs to time out.  I ran the update job manually tonight and had to accept a couple of installation prompts, after which HWiNFO got out of the way and allowed PatchMyPC to complete its tasks.

Does Windows provide you any way to detect and work around something like this?
I came here to report the same issue.

But after several failed attempts, I ran PatchMyPC once more to generate a copy of the error, and this time it ran normally.

My guess is that one of the apps that I'm following generated a garbage reply when scanned, and it fixed itself after several tries.