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Says apps outdated when they are not

Started by frustrated, June 08, 2023, 09:37:08 PM

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This is what PatchMY PC is out of date. The only app that is out of date is AnyDesk and that is because I have intentionally have placed that app on ignore.

Patch MYPc is saying WinMerge is out of date at version 2.12.4 when the left hand panel shows WinMerge is at 2.16.30! Same thing with SumatraPDF it is actually at 3.4.6


Use the uninstaller section to remove the old versions.
In rare cases an update is not possible and you need to remove the old release before installing the new one.
Once this is done the automatic update works as expected.


Thanks for the help. Discovered that I somehow had WinMerge installed twice and the other apps even though they were current versions installed had not updated the version numbers during installation. Hopefully, I have fixed a nagging issue with another app PDF XChange Editor where it would become the default PDF handler after Patch MyPC updated the software.