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Curious as to why an updated file isn't offered without selecting it

Started by coover, July 08, 2021, 04:14:01 PM

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I ran "Patch ..." today and found nothing to update. I then ran KC Software's "SUMo" and it told me that "Privazer" could be updated (from 4.0.26 to 4.0.27). I then reopened "Patch ...", and though it did not show an update for "Privazer", I manually selected it. Interestingly enough, the installer indicated that it was installing 4.0.26 again, but when the installation was finished, I noticed that 4.0.27 had been installed.

This brings another question. Not using "Patch ...", I sometimes find that an application I use can be updated. But then I find that the update is not on "Patch ...", so I wait try the update later, I have found applications that are not updated on "Patch ..." for several days but can be easily found by searching for the app or using a webpage such as "MajorGeeks". It would seem to me that it should be important to the "Patch ..." developers to get those updates as soon as possible and not wait until the update is several days old.

That said, I love your application, have it installed on all 8 of my Windows 10 (or 11) computers and use it daily on each.